Precedence has been set in Corporate Mental Wellbeing – a new way towards ourselves

With Nos Curare’s ‘Know Thyself Tool’ we have expanded our focus on neuro-cognition and mental wellbeing in the corporate world. Workplace wellness is a growing trend. This comprehensive tool provides an assessment of brain and mind insights to help corporate clients spot potential strengths and issues to aid optimal performance in staff and individuals, leading to eventual mental wellness across the organisation.

Similar initiatives in global organizations have set precedence towards the new way towards staff wellbeing. Examples include:

  • Google’s ‘Search Inside Yourself’ Program
  • Unilever’s Mental Wellbeing Strategy
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Program
  • Accenture’s Mental Health Allies Program
  • Bank of America’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our ‘Know Thyself Tool’ for Corporate Mental Health Wellbeing

The ‘Know Thyself Tool’ by Nos Curare is a comprehensive and secure brain and mental health assessment as a basic tool for all age groups to identify mental functioning styles and/or indicate areas requiring support. The tool provides a comprehensive suite of screening of an individual’s internal self. It is based on similar principles of comprehensive health screening for physical health. The assessments are designed to evaluate various aspects of cognitive function, including:

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Executive function
  • Language
  • Problem-solving skills.

The benefits of such tests are often to help in improving essential pillars of performance:

  1. Improving efficiency through understanding individual mental functioning
  2. Improving focus
  3. Improving team relationships and personal insights.

This tool is easy to complete in the comfort of an individual’s home over a period of time that suits each individual. It is a suite of cognitive assessments and health questionnaires to better measure and manage brain health. The suite is divided into neurocognitive tests and standardised health questionnaires.

‘Know Thyself Tool’ for Corporate Mental Health Wellbeing Method

Individual staff will be provided with a secure individual web link to complete tasks on the tool. When complete, the results will be reviewed by a Psychologist and the individual will be provided with a summary of insights.