You’re here so let’s get started… We recommend setting up an initial meeting with our specialists in our London clinic. In this first meeting, we will talk with you or the patient in question to understand and assess the situation at hand, the factors contributing to it and how the difficulties are impacting everyday life. This will help us to ascertain the way forward.

What it will involve

The screening and consultation focuses on ascertaining the direction of difficulties before comprehensive testing is recommended. It involves a structured clinical interview with the patient as well as a parent/carer of the patient who can comment on the patient’s childhood development. The interview with the parent/carer can be conducted over the phone or Skype if the parent/carer is unable to attend on the day of the appointment.

The Consultation & Screening Process

The screening and consultation last 1.5 hours. The process will involve:

  • Discussion of patient’s struggles guided through structured questions
  • If parent/carer present, discussion of childhood development through a structured
  • Completion of screening questionnaires

The patient will be asked to provide the following:

  • Completed questionnaires which will be emailed when appointment is confirmed
  • School/college reports
  • Any previous psychometric and psychological assessment reports

These can be emailed back or photocopies to be returned on the day of the appointment. A comprehensive report outlining the results of the testing process, diagnosis and how the patient meets/does not meet criteria and treatment recommendations will be provided.