Following a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity-Impulsivity Disorder (ADHD) or as part of the assessment package, we offer a tailored treatment programme and interventions.

Based on the NICE Guideline (2018, NG87) recommendations structured and supportive behavioural interventions include the following core components:

  1. Psycho-education: Patient and/or parent/partner are helped to learn about how ADHD manifests, its physiological, behavioural and psychological impact on functioning and the basics of the differences in brain structure and functioning in ADHD.
  2. Nutritional Interventions: Patient and/or parent/partner are provided information and guidance on diet and nutrients helpful for physiological management of ADHD. *Please note separate cost if the patient wishes to have an assessment of nutritional deficiencies or strengths.
  3. Behavioural Interventions focussed on lifestyle, mood and overall management: Patient and/or parent/partner are taken through the spectrum of interventions/changes to implement in lifestyle, and daily functioning to reduce the negative impairments and enhance the strengths emerging from a differently structured brain.
  4. Behavioural interventions focus on study or work skills: Patient and/or parent/partner are introduced to a variety of interventions that help in the management of inattention, poor focus, procrastination, hyperactivity, restlessness, disorganization and managing working memory. Implementation of these skills is known to improve learning and academic performance or work engagement and performance.