We offer neurofeedback blended with CBT as our latest treatment option. Neurofeedback offers ‘brain’ training alongside ‘mind’ training that CBT strengthens in individuals. Together, both techniques work to enhance cognitive performance, self and emotional regulation, memory, attention and stress management skills. Neurofeedback has gained significant efficacy in treating ADHD, sleep issues, anxiety, problems with executive functions such as attention, focus, memory and finally mood instabilities.

What does neurofeedback involve?

During neurofeedback training, electrodes are attached to the patient’s scalp and forehead which interpret brain electrical activity patterns and abnormalities. Patients receive CBT and neurofeedback over a 60-minute session. Neurofeedback focuses on the patient engaging in a directed task set up by the neurofeedback machine. The brain is considered to be neuroplastic indicating its ability to change and reorganize its functions in a beneficial way which is enabled by neurofeedback training. A course of 12 to 24 sessions is recommended to maximise the benefits of neurofeedback. Information about brain wave patterns is also utilized to inform CBT therapy so that the patients understand how their brains function and change.