Insomnia is a disorder which prevents individuals from sleeping, staying asleep or returning to sleep. Sleep difficulties with a range of issues can occur without full symptoms of insomnia. We offer CBT for Insomnia and sleep issues (CBT-I) alongside biofeedback and neurofeedback as the latest efficacious techniques.

Based on CBT-I the following are core components of the interventions:

  1. Stimulus control: The patient works on a set of established routines and behaviours to regulate sleep.
  2. Relaxation Training: The patient is taught various strategies for relaxation including clinician-guided biofeedback and neurofeedback targeted for sleep.
  3. Cognitive Therapy: The patient is aided to address various thoughts and beliefs in relation to sleep such as unrealistic expectations, catastrophizing and beliefs about sleep being outside of one’s control.
  4. Behavioural strategies and sleep hygiene work: Patients are encouraged to inculcate habits to improve sleep hygiene.